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CEO Spotlight: ID Watchdog CEO Michael Greene
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 Michael Greene, CEO ID Watchdog, Inc.

What is your professional and educational background?

I have an B.A. in Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology and A minor in Biochemistry from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

I have a Masters In Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and Finance – and a concentration in computer and data networking from the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business.

After my MBA, I began my business career in product management, and have worked fro numerous successful start-ups including: Raindance Communications ( $50M IPO), Webroot Software ( $108M PE Exit) , PC Tools Software ( $250 M Acquisition) , Symantec (by way of acquisition, and now ID Watchdog.

Can you give us the “how, when and why” you started with the company?

I started working with ID Watchdog as a consultant, helping the company to solidify partnerships with leading “Freemium” AV partners.  I learned about the product and the team, and knew there was much more.  When they asked me to join the team to further develop the product and to identify and exploit winning sales channels I jumped at the opportunity.

What is the best job you have ever had?

ID Watchdog of course.  But outside of that I think I have had some fun jobs over the years:

Caddying through the summer s- I once Caddied for Sports Columnist and TV Personality Mike Lupica

High Rise Concrete Restoration – Fittest I have ever been in my life

Serving beer at Coors Field during the Colorado Rockies inaugural season at the new Ball Park

What is the worst job you have ever had?

If you go far enough back I slung burger at Burger King – rough work in a hot kitchen

What is your favorite food?

Sushi or Texas Barbeque depending on when you ask.

Would you rather; visit the Smithsonian, attend a Broadway play, go bungee jumping, or “none of the above”.  (explain?) 

Bungee jumping – I love adrenaline and adventure – pushing my limits.

Where is the most interesting place you have ever been?

My professional career has taken me to a lot of amazing and interesting places.  I think the most interesting place I have been would be Africa.  ON one trip to Tanzania I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro – which is an amazing adventure especially after reading Earnest Hemingway’s The Snows of Kilimanjaro, and Green Fields of Africa.

On my second trip to Africa, we went to South Africa and went cage diving with Great White Sharks.

What book are you currently reading?

Pursuit of Honor by Vince Flynn

What is the best book you have ever read?

This is a tough one but I will go with - To Kill a Mockingbrid by Harper Lee

If you could go back in time and meet any historical figure, who would it be and why?

Bruce Lee – I mean come on – it’s Bruce Lee.

Give us the elevator pitch description of your business.

ID Watchdog is the leading provider of ID theft protection as a voluntary benefit.  With our proprietary platform we offer cutting edge Identity Theft Protection Solutions that protect employees, and ensure better employee productivity at the office.

What are the three biggest advantages your company possesses?

We are the value player, and offer more for less.

We have a proprietary platform and innovate at a break neck pace

We are multi-award winning.

What are the three biggest challenges your company faces?

The biggest challenges we face are maintaining innovation, maintaining differentiation, maintaining a customer focused approach and maintaining a strong position in our chosen routes to market.

Which of these challenges keeps you up at night?

Our challenges are not unique to ID Watchdog, and they are all intertwined.  I am confident that with a focus on innovation and differentiation – in conjunction with a customer focus we can maintain our position within the channel.  It is about culture, and we focus on the key drivers on our business every day.

Why should investors consider owning your company?

Id Watchdog has a great customer base and extremely high quality revenue.  Not only does ID Watchdog have impressive growth rates, we have very high retention with the employees that choose to offer our service and the employees that subscribe to our service – meaning that all the new customers we bring on just continues to build upon our current success.

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