Canceallation, Refund, Billing
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Canceallation, Refund and Billing Procedures and Policies
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Effective 6-1-17

If you are receiving Our Services through one of our Affiliates, and that Affiliate is billing you directly for Our Services, then the manner in which you will be billed, the method by which you may cancel Our Service, and the types of assistance you can receive in relation to billing will be governed by any agreement you have with that Affiliate. If you have a specific written agreement with Stock Market Manager, Inc. (SMM) that deals with billing, cancellation and support, then that agreement shall govern in relation to those issues. In all other cases, the following terms relating to billing, cancellation of Our Service, and billing assistance will apply:

  1. Certain SMM products are billed either Quarterly or Annually on a nonrefundable and nontransferable basis.
  2. Clients must notify SMM by 6:00 pm ET on the last business day prior to the month end in which they wish to discontinue the Service. Notification must be sent to prior to the month end or the Service will automatically renew for another period with all fees due and payable.
  3. Cancellation of Our Service can be affected by sending an email with the relevant account information to An email receipt response will be sent to you confirming cancellation of your service. No partial month refunds for Our Service will be given.
  4. All Billing Assistance will be conducted by email. The Customer Service Center will be open business days Monday-Friday. Closed Weekends.
  5. If billing assistance is required, email with an explanation regarding your enquiry.

For details concerning our disclosure items and compensation, please see that page.


Carl Dilley

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