506 (c) offering, Zero E
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506(c) -Zero E
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Zero E Technologies, LLC

#GreenInvest: The Cleanest Energy is the Energy that is Not Used

Zero E that has developed the ZEUS SmartMotor™ (10 to 30 HP) that is: 1) the most efficient general purpose industrial electric motor ever developed, 2) the smallest, 3) the most robust, and 4) the smartest with its IoT connectivity.  It’s the motor of tomorrow’s economy--ideal to address global warming, and positioned for fast growing SE Asian economies.    

 The cleanest energy is the energy that is not used--high efficiency motors reduce the energy used.  Visit www.greeninvest-zeroetech.com to download the Investor Deck.

 The motor’s high efficiency was confirmed by an independent, certified test lab, Advanced Energy (AE) in Raleigh, NC.  This report is available on www.greeninvest-zeroetech.com

Motor efficiency is rated IE1 through IE4.  IE1 & 2 are used worldwide, IE3 & 4 are used in the US and EU.  A higher standard, IE5 has been proposed but no conventional motors can achieve this level of efficiency.  The ZEUS Motor™ is IE7--it stands alone.

Its Internet of Things connectivity makes the motor’s operation even more efficient.  With IoT it’s performance can be optimized remotely and it can be intelligently deployed at just the right moment.

The ZEUS Motor is both disruptive--better for less--and lends itself to blitzscaling, i.e., rapid introduction worldwide.  Zero E has a 3-4 year window in which to build a commanding position.

A research and valuation report has been prepared by Marble Arch Research: Click Here to Review: Marble Arch Report

The world market for 10 to 30 HP motors is 7 million motors/year, an $18 billion market.  The fastest growing segments are extreme efficiency and in developing countries--they want the latest and the best.  This growth is driven by186 countries that have committed to reduce emissions through the UN Sustainable Development Goals agreement signed in Paris in Dec 2015.

If you think you might like to invest in Zero E (the minimum investment is $25,000) and are an accredited investor, please go to www.greeninvest-zeroetech.com for additional information and for instructions on how to invest.  Zero E is pre-revenue.

This is a 506(c) offering for $2.5 million to be raised over six months @ $8/share.  This gives the Company a pre-offering value of $6 million.  The Marble Arch report values Zero E are $54 million pre-offer, suggesting that this offer is most attractively priced.

The Shares will be offered and sold for investment purposes only to eligible investors in jurisdictions where such offers are permitted under applicable law (see the section titled “Investor Suitability”) pursuant to exemptions from the registration requirements of the Securities Act provided by Section 4(2) thereof and/or Rule 506(c) of Regulation D and Regulation S thereunder and in compliance with any other applicable securities laws. Neither the Securities and Exchange Commission nor any state securities commission has approved or disapproved the sale of the Shares or determined if this confidential private placement memorandum is accurate or adequate. Any representation to the contrary is a criminal offense.

The Company may accept or reject any subscription in whole or in part. ” However, the Shares offered hereunder have not been, and will not be, registered under the Securities Act or under any state securities laws on the grounds that the issuance and sale of the securities hereunder is exempt as not in part of a public offering. The Shares sold in the offering will constitute “restricted securities” as defined in Rule 144 adopted by the Securities and Exchange Commission under the Securities Act (“Rule 144”). There are additional restrictions on resale of the Shares acquired by Investors located outside of the United States. The certificates evidencing such Shares will be imprinted with a restrictive transfer legend.

 The information contained herein has been prepared and provided by Zero E Technologies, LLC. 




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