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Private Companies: Baby EyeQ (Private)

Baby Eye-Q is a Colorado Springs, Colorado based start-up developing products the help babies develop bilateral skills (using both sides of the body simultaneously).  In short, the development of bilateral skills is predicated on the ability of people to utilize both sides of their brains, which in turn requires that each side of the brain be able to “cross the midline” and collaborate/share information with the other side.  Touch 4 Partners in conjunction with other partners has spent considerable time, effort and capital starting the Company and currently owns 50% of Baby Eye-Q.  The concept of Baby Eye-Q was created by a mother whose son struggled with learning disabilities.  Here quest to understand and alleviate his challenges are the genesis of this story.   

Research suggests that 1 in 5 children are diagnosed with a learning disability.  Recent research also indicates that those who fall into these categories struggle because of their inability to use both sides of their brains effectively. Through whole brain training, the barrier preventing crucial communication is exchanged with a densely populated neural highway systems which allows for a well-functioning brain to develop.  Applying simple yet scientific cross lateral eye activities, along with baroque classical music and specific beats per minute on a metronome, myelin (white matter) increases in the Corpus Callosum.  This gives preventative opportunity for the brain to be high functioning and connected. This myelination occurs most rapidly in the first year of life. This therapy can produce a substantial highway giving the child a bright future by having his/her whole brain in sync for life.


The Company’s initial product is a material lined seat with an adjustable overhead canopy, which the infant is placed in and provides three basic stimuli:


The “infinite 8” and Z patterns – The canopy is embedded with gentle LED lights that smoothly track the infinite 8 and Z patterns.  Scientific facets of neuroplasticity acknowledge a role of tracking these patterns with the eyes in the development of linkage between the two hemispheres of the brain.  To that point, older children diagnosed with learning disabilities and other challenges related to a lack of hemisphere linkage are often given therapies that involve visual activities (like infinite 8 and Z patterns) to help build connections across the brain’s midline. 


Baroque Music and Nursery Rhythms.   The canopy is embedded with an audio system and loaded with classical music.  The repetitive melody and beat of each instrument composition helps train the auditory processing of a child, increases memory, sequencing and planning.     


Metronome.  The canopy includes a metronome which brings order and organization to the brain. The slower beat of a metronome addresses issues of ADD/ADHD, focus, attention and concentration. 


Baby Eye-Q has advanced the product to the commercial prototype stage and is currently finishing marketing videos and other presentations.  They are considering launching the marketing of the product (in conjunction with capital efforts) through one of the popular funding platforms (Kickstarter, Indiegogo).  As an adjunct to that, the Company engaged Colorado Springs based Mind Rocket, a product engineering and development group, to help create the Baby Eye-Q canopy from start to finish.  One of MindRocket’s other creations is sleep aid device called the Sleep Shepherd.  To date Sleep Shepherd has raised approximately $800,000 through Kickstater and Indiegogo campaigns.  

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