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Black Swan Connection February 2019

Posted By Administration, Thursday, February 21, 2019

January 2019


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Our goal with the Black Swan Connection is to provide our subscribers, investors and financial professional compatriots outstanding investment insight that is a step above and outside of what will normally be found in mainstream financial press. To that end we have brought together seasoned, successful, and some of the brightest professionals in their respective fields to provide the articles and advice that is based on decades of practice in the field.

Breaking News

Associated Press February 19-19

People got a break on withholding now having a fit because they aren’t getting a big refund. Maybe some grade school math would help…………….

I owe how much? Americans shocked by impact of new tax law

Wait, I owe the IRS?

The first tax filing season under the new federal tax law is proving to be surprising, confusing — and occasionally frightening — for some Americans, especially those accustomed to getting money back from the government.

Take Andy Kraft and Amy Elias of Portland, Oregon. The couple had grown comfortable getting a small refund each year, a few hundred dollars or more. Then they found out they owe $10,160 this year.

"I will never forget the moment, I thought 'We look good' and then we added in the next W-2 and my jaw hit the floor," Kraft said. "There was no way I wanted to believe that what I was looking at was accurate."

President Trump promised a reduction in taxes with the new law. And by most measures, the majority of Americans will see one. The nonpartisan Tax Policy Center projected the tax law would reduce individual income taxes by about $1,260 on average, although it benefits higher earners more.

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Feature Article

$22 Trillion … and Counting

By: Dave Lavigne

February 2019

I realize I often quote a small handful of experts in this column, and certainly one of those is Jeffrey Gundlach of DoubleLine Capital sometimes referred to as “The Bond King”.  That is a little odd since bonds are certainly not my forte, however, many times I will read one of his interviews and think to myself, “that is exactly what I was thinking”, thus here we are because he did that again recently.

In an interview from just a few days ago, Gundlach expressed concerns over both growing corporate debt as well as the U.S. Government’s growing national debt, which recently topped $22 trillion… a new record that will certainly be broken the next time it is tallied.

As Gundlach and others have pointed out recently (but have been beating the drum about for some time now) the national debt is becoming the elephant in the room.  What is perhaps most alarming is the degree to which it has grown despite a now decade long expansion. Presumably, the debt situation should be more tenable when things are good because more people are working and contributing to the tax rolls, and by extension, fewer are utilizing government entitlements, which should mitigate outlays. It begs the question, which Gundlach essentially raised, if the national debt is increasing/accelerating during “good times” what is it going to do when things turn south?

As Gundlach opined:

“If we’re growing [debt] at 6% of GDP, which is what we’re really growing at in terms of national debt during fiscal 2018, during a 3% real economy, then what’s the debt going to grow by during a recession?” he said. “Well typically, the debt-to-GDP ratio goes up about four percentage points during a recession. So, it suggests the national debt would grow at around a 10% annual rate if we go into a normal average type of recession. That’s obviously a really big problem.” 

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1-15-19 Canbiola, Inc. (CANB)
Senator Ronald A. Silver Joins Canbiola, Inc. Corporate Advisory Board

HICKSVILLE, NY, Jan. 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Canbiola, Inc. (OTCQB: CANB), is pleased to announce that Senator Ronald A. Silver has joined its Corporate Advisory Board.  The purpose of the Advisory Board is to assist and advise the Board of Directors and Executive team’s effort in growing Canbiola fiscally and in a socially responsible manner and the Company welcomes a man with extensive legislative and regulatory experience.

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1-9-19 Canbiola, Inc. (CANB)
Canbiola, Inc. has Purchased Pure Health Products LLC and is Launching Pure Leaf Oil as its Consumer Brand
HICKSVILLE, NY, Jan. 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Canbiola, Inc. (OTCQB: CANB) has purchased Pure Health Products LLC and is launching Pure Leaf Oil as its consumer brand. 

Due to strong product demand, Canbiola is on the path toward significant revenue growth in additional segments of the CBD industry.  While the Canbiola brand is synonymous with Medical Offices and our Doctor affiliate program, the company has launched Pure Leaf Oil targeting retail markets including c-stores, bodegas, and yes, even donut stores and bakeries through its network of distributors. Pure Leaf Oil is also expected to be sold through various leading online e-commerce platforms at very aggressive prices.

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Greenridge Global Equity Research
Issues Updates 1-10-19
Guangdong Land Holdings, Ltd.

Buxin Site Visit Recap & Pre-Sale Activity Underway

Site Visit & Pre-Sale Activity.  We visited the Buxin Project, now being marketed as GDH City, in late December and saw considerable progress since our last visit in April.  Construction on the NW Land is continuing on schedule, with the mall and two smaller buildings built to height and the two taller buildings nearly built to height.  The Company received approval to begin pre-sales on the NW Land in early December, and marked it with the soft opening of its Exhibition Center in mid-December.  The Exhibition Center was open during our visit and appeared to have a steady stream of potential buyers coming in.  The Company is expected to begin promoting the pre-sale of units in the NW Land section of GDH City after Chinese New Year, with average prices looking to be roughly as modelled.

Construction began on the Northern Land and Southern Land at the beginning of December.  The N Land and S Land will include the large mall discussed below and 300 meter landmark building, which will ultimately house the Company’s corporate offices, and a 180 meter office building, which will be sold and already has a name tenant.  The N Land also houses the exhibition center, which includes the current corporate offices. 

Additional Buxin Land Premium Payment.  On December 21, the Company announced it agreed to pay a land premium payment of RMB 470,010,000 (or roughly HK$ 534,527,000) to shift 12,000m2 of underground commercial area from the Southern Land to the Northern Land.  The increased GFA will see the underground commercial area of the N Land increased from 9,000m2 to 21,000m2, which will be comprised of 12,158m2 of commercial units and 8,842m2 of non-commercial units for self-use.  The change allows the Company to build a large one-floor underground mall in the N Land that connects to the S Land portion, rather than building several underground floors in the N Land that are disconnected to the S Land.  This should reduce the construction cost while increasing the value of the space by making it more attractive to consumers and increasing the connectivity of the buildings.  Additionally, the Company will be able to sell the commercial units, whereas it was unable to previously.  The underground commercial area of the S Land has been reduced from 21,000m2 to 9,000m2.  Management does not expect this will have any change on the timeline to completion. 

Maintaining Rating & Target.  With pre-sales starting and construction on schedule at both phases of the Buxin Project, and sales underway at its new Guangzhou acquisitions, Guangdong Land looks to be undervalued by the market at current prices.  As such, we are reiterating our Buy rating ad HK$4.75 target price on Guangdong Land.  Our target price is based on our DCF model that covers GDL’s entire project portfolio.

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1-4-19 Endurance Exploration Group, Inc. (EXPL)
Endurance Exploration Group, Inc. Files Form 15 to Terminate SEC Reporting Obligations

CLEARWATER, FL / ACCESSWIRE / January 4, 2019 / Endurance Exploration Group, Inc. (OTCQB: EXPL) (the "Company"), a company that specializes in historic shipwreck research, subsea survey and recovery of lost ships containing valuable cargoes, today announced that on January 3, 2019 it voluntarily filed a Form 15 with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (the "Commission" or "SEC") to voluntarily deregister its common stock and suspend its reporting obligations under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the "Exchange Act"). The Company cited the significant cost, limited benefit and very limited trading of its stock as some of its reasons in taking this step. As a result of the filing of Form 15 with the Commission, the Company will no longer be required to file certain reports under the Exchange Act, including quarterly reports on Form 10-Q, annual reports on Form 10-K, and current reports on Form 8-K. Other filing requirements will terminate upon the effectiveness of the deregistration, which is expected to occur 90 days after the filing of the Form 15 with the Commission.

Upon suspension of its reporting obligations, the Company expects its common stock to continue trading on the OTC Pink marketplace, however, there can be no assurance that any broker-dealer will make, or continue to make, a market in the Company's common stock.
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New Distribution Partner for SMM

In addition to our ongoing growth in distribution we have added a new very important distribution partner in Quote Media.

They are the premier provider of quote and news services to the financial Industry in North America. They current have some 675 subscribers and publishers of their quote and news feeds including major stock exchanges like NASDAQ and the Toronto Stock Exchange and an extensive list of portfolio managers both in North America and abroad.

All Research updates, releases and news articles will automatically be uploaded from SMM to Quote Media through our RSS feed and will be then ticker tagged and distributed across the Quote Media network in real Time.

This will begin next week and is provided by SMM at no additional charge.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or give me a call.

SMM Coverage-Special Situations

Tesla $308.50  – 2-19-19

SMM Original Recommendation

SELL Tesla, Inc. –TSLA Sept-2017   $376.00

I am officially terminating coverage on this unless something meaningful happens in the future


Elio Motors, Inc. (ELIO) $2.47 2-19-19

Nothing new- see report from last month. Stock is at $2.47 2-19-19

SHORT- Elio Motors, Inc. –ELIO Nov-2016  $11.80  Dec 17-18 price $3.15 starting to slip slide away again. (nice chance to add to short if you can get a borrow on ELIO).  Last news was almost 3 months ago from company. Still on perpetual begathon for new reservations. Here is a recent interview and he talks about the nonsensical cryptocurrency offering and blames capital markets. Reality is that the smart Investment banking firms aren’t buying his BS. Still needs $300 million plus, but reality is that this car cannot be built for the price he talks about.

Nothing new and no news now for 5 months- That’s NOT good news

Interesting article from Digital Trends

Can electric motors finally make three-wheeled cars great?

Every few years, someone tries to sell a three-wheeled vehicle to Americans. It hasn’t gone well ever since Karl Benz patented the first three-wheeled car in 1885. Yes, the same guy who later co-founded Mercedes-Benz. In the 130 years since, automakers have tried different designs and moved the motors around, yet very few customers ever buy one.

Read More

This is never going to happen stay short ELIO or add to it if you can.


SELL Tesla, Inc. –TSLA Sept-2017   $376.00 Dec 17-18  price $338.40 * see note above terminating coverage








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*Please note Dave Lavigne in the principal in Trickle Research and is also the editor of the Black Swan Connection Newsletter and an ongoing contributor to SMM.






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Feb 15, 2018 by Steve Hach

Stock Pick of the week XLNX Xillinx, Inc.

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The National Investment Banking Association (NIBA) is proud to host its 146th investment conference on March 25-26, 2019 at the Crowne Plaza Times Square in New York City.

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May 7, 2019
GVC Capital-Trickle Research

On May 7, 2019, we will be holding Rocky Mountain Microcap Conference IV.  The Conference will be held at Coors Field (home of the National League’s most exciting Major League Baseball team, the Colorado Rockies).  The agenda will be limited to just 13 public microcap companies.  The companies will present on a single track and each will be allotted a 25 minute presentation slot.  We hope to attract approximately 65-75 microcap investors, institutions and bankers who are close associates, clients and/or Trickle Research subscribers.  We believe we will once again assemble a group of highly relevant microcap centric attendees.  Following the conference, we will move to Coors Field’s suites for cocktails, food and baseball. Presenters will have a chance to meet and talk with attendees in a personal relaxed atmosphere, which will of course include watching our Colorado Rockies play ball! 

This is a format we typically use for our conferences as we have found it to be a good platform for presenting companies to connect with new investors on a more personal level and perhaps acquire some new long-term shareholders and meet individuals that may help them with additional financing needs in the future.

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